Thursday 2 April 2020

As the situation with Coronavirus has developed, it is with great sadness that we had to take the decision to temporarily close The Williams Dental Practice.

We have been told by NHS England and the Chief Dental Officer that we are not to see patients face to face at all. There are urgent dental care centres being set up around the country and we are awaiting advice and direction regarding these. We will continue to offer emergency advice to our plan patients and registered patients only.

In dealing with emergencies we will be filtering remotely over the phone on 01488 684142 or 01672 513845.

We would ask that everyone takes extra care to look after their dental health. As always, we and our team are committed to providing you the best service we possibly can.

Dental Plan patients and payments

We have had several queries from patients with respect to their subscriptions on dental plans.

Let us reassure you, we will ensure that any check-ups and hygiene appointments missed during the pandemic period will be carried out as soon as we are able to return to some degree of normality. Our team will be working very hard to get appointments rearranged and we will be opening as much surgery time as possible.

We also are committed to providing emergency cover for you as comprehensively as we can within the guidelines. Your accident and trauma assistance scheme cover also remains in place.

There is no sugar coating this, as a small practice we have undertaken to continue supporting our excellent team, who are like family, and keep the premises going. This is currently at great personal financial cost to us.

While the government announces measures to aid business we have so far been, inadvertently, excluded from some of the grants and reliefs.

Your continuing support of our team and the practice through your monthly payments enables us to keep going for as long as possible. When this is all over, we will make sure all the entitlements due under the plan will be made good.

We fully understand that for many of our patients who are also small business owners, self-employed or have had their income cut by the social distancing measures, will not be able to continue their plans. If you are struggling to do so, please drop us an email explaining your circumstances.

Finally, as a practice we have always put kindness and empathy at the forefront of what we do, these are difficult times for all of us but we will continue to stand by the values that the practice was founded and built up on.

If there is a silver lining on this cloud it is our hope that this will bring all of us together as a community and reflect on what is most important to us.

We will provide updates regularly here and via Facebook community notice boards.  Stay safe.

With Kind Regards

Vernon, Amreeta and Christopher